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Professionalism, integrity and commitment. Hype drivers are dedicated to bringing new energy to the industry

Why become a Hype driver?


The Hype app allows you to manage your journeys in a simple and efficient way. It’s the only
one on the market to offer 100% electric hydrogen-powered taxis


The Hype team is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will support you in your
professional development


The Hype fleet is composed exclusively of high quality, silent hydrogen-powered vehicles

The statutes

Join us, according to the economic model that suits you best

As an employee driver

• Permanent contract
• Profit-sharing in the success of the project
• Mutual insurance, Navigo pass, Vélib subscription paid at 100%

While rewarding the most active, this status gives you better protection, a more balanced
personal life, a less stressful work life and less dependence on the state of the economy

As a self-employed driver

Tailor-made packages adapted to your needs (including car, application, access to stations,
and maintenance)

Whether self-employed or employed, you benefit from our dedicated training and assistance


Hype Taxi chauffeur

Hype’s rapid growth provides its drivers with multiple opportunities for rapid career


Hype Taxi chauffeur

Hype drivers benefit from a rapidly growing customer base – both private and business rides,
as well as the best payment terms on the market


Hype Taxi chauffeur

Joining Hype means becoming part of a committed team, proud to be in this business,
determined to meet the challenges of the sector and become a major player in the sustainable city