Plateforme intégrée de mobilité hydrogène

Integrated hydrogen mobility platform

Launched in Paris in 2015, on the occasion of COP21, in response to the public health emergency of air and noise pollution in urban areas, Hype is developing and operating the first hydrogen mobility platform integrating sourcing, distribution and uses – with taxis as the first market.


Whether operating its own production units or working with partners, Hype is firmly committed to zero-emission mobility based on the local production and distribution of green hydrogen.

Hype works with renewable energy producers to secure its supply of green electricity, either through PPA contracts or through co-location of electrolysers on wind or photovoltaic sites.

Hype is also collaborating its partners to develop other types of green hydrogen production, including thermolysis.

Plateforme intégrée de mobilité hydrogène


Hype ensures the development, operations and maintenance, by itself or with partners, of a network of hydrogen distribution stations meeting the needs of all users, including cars, trucks, utility vehicles, and buses.

Hype favours, when the context allows it, the construction of stations equipped with electrolysers in order to produce green hydrogen locally.

Catalyst for hydrogen mobility

Hype’s strategy is to pioneer an immediately relevant market for hydrogen, the urban taxi, to accelerate the progression to scale and trigger the rapid and massive transition to zero-emission of on-demand transportation and other such professional uses.

Taxis as a first market

Hype is developing and operating the world’s largest fleet of hydrogen-powered taxis.

Hype taxis offer the same services at the same cost as a conventional taxi.

The Hype app, which connects customers with drivers, only offers zero-emission vehicles.

The Hype solution allows taxis drivers to make an immediate transition from a polluting vehicle to a zero-emission vehicle, without changing their work habits.

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A key player in zero-emission mobility

Plateforme intégrée de mobilité hydrogène

By pooling its distribution infrastructures, Hype is developing partnerships with private and public stakeholders to meet the needs of professional urban and interurban fleets.

These partnerships aim to accelerate the transition to hydrogen for a wide range of uses, including last mile logistics, heavy transport, public services such as buses, waste collection, etc.

An ambitious entrepreneurial project

By capitalising on its speed of execution, agility and scalable model, Hype plans to deploy by the end of 2025, in the Paris region, a distribution network of 26 stations open to all, fuelled by locally produced green hydrogen (including at least 20 large capacity, each producing locally ~1 ton/day) capable of powering 10,000 vehicles for taxi use. At the same time, Hype will establish its ecosystem in 15 new regions, in France and abroad.

Plateforme intégrée de mobilité hydrogène

An accelerator and catalyst for the French hydrogen industry

Plateforme intégrée de mobilité hydrogène

Hype is an industry accelerator and catalyst, offering industrial players a platform for testing and refining their solutions under appropriate conditions. 

By providing these players with rapid and qualified feedback via a co-development approach, Hype’s ambition is to foster the emergence of an integrated and comprehensive French industrial offer for zero-emission mobility, which can be exported internationally, including not only production and distribution but also vehicles and uses.

People, at the heart of the project

Hype is a socially committed company comprising men and women of varied ages and backgrounds.

Since its creation, the Hype drivers are all salaried, with permanent contracts, committed to the project’s success, and some are part of the management team.

From 2023, Hype will allow independent drivers to join its platform.